About us

Italian Technology Lab – ITL is a material engineering company specialised in the research and development of polymer components and devices.

We help manufacturers and industrial users obtaining more reliable items, at lower costs, with effective and measurable results.
We provide independent consulting, technology transfer and training with the scientific rigour and dynamism that this industry requires. Our innovative nature as a spin-off of the University of Brescia with biomedical vocation has evolved thanks to the trust of international clients in the automotive, industrial components and household appliances sectors.
Our skills extend from co-designing an innovative product to helping put it into production, and to post-production defect analysis (troubleshooting). We also work with super polymer, technopolymer and smart material products. We take on complex tasks with the help of our partners’ extra skills, who are university professors in the mechanical, medical, economic, IT and electronic fields.
We are in Brescia, within the university campus, near the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department. We work with companies in Italy and across the European Union.

Our people in operation

Giorgio Ramorino

Partner and member of the Board of Directors

Giorgio is a qualified engineer and research doctor, with a degree in mechanical and metallurgical engineering at the University of Brescia. Furthermore, he is an appointed researcher at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the same university. Within the company he coordinates research and training activities for the customers. He also supervises the Italian Technology Lab team, made up of young researchers, mechanical material engineers, and a specialist in product design.

Romano Miglietti

Partner and member of the Board of Directors

Romano is a business management advisor, qualified Mechanical Engineer specialising in electronic devices from the Politecnico di Milano, and technical consultant for the Court of Brescia. He has vast experience of evaluating technological innovation projects related to products, processes and business organizations on behalf of numerous companies in mechanical, electronic and IT sectors. He was CEO and general manager of Icomatic S.p.A., chairman of the board of directors of Mi-val Icomatic S.p.A. and the coordinator of technology transfer and applied research activities at the consortium Inn.tec. in Brescia, which then merged into the Multisectoral Technology Services Centre (CSMT Gestione S.c.a.r.l.). As a sales manager of CSMT Gestione S.c.a.r.l. and until 2014 he supervised the development of technological expertise centres and of strategic plans to promote and disseminate technological innovation in the industrial field. He was the editor of Brescia Ricerche, a magazine aimed at spreading technological and management culture throughout the business and institutional fabric of Brescia. Here at Italian Technology Lab he manages the company's operations and commercial relationships.

Jessica Barcella

Jessica is a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Brescia. She is strongly interested in material research applied to technical and industrial design. In Italian Technology Lab she performs technical design and prototyping of biomedical devices.

Michele Battista

Michele is a qualified engineer, with a 5-year-degree in Environment and Territory Engineering at the University of Brescia. He gained extensive training on environmental issues, which he worked on as a freelance and in cooperation with an environmental engineering firm. In Italian Technology Lab, he processes extrusion simulations of plastic materials and injection moulding simulations, structural analysis and 3D drawings.

Gregorio Riva

Gregorio is a university researcher and has a postgraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering of Materials at the University of Brescia. He gives tutorials to students attending the course of plastic materials design at the same university.
As a CAD/CAE Analyst at Italian Technology Lab he designs components in polymeric materials and solves moulding issues or post-production reliability defects. In addition, he holds professional training courses on plastic materials design, injection moulding and the use of simulation software.

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