We provide continuous training for those who manufacture or use plastic and rubber devices/components with either standard or tailor-made courses

We believe that continuous training programmes are an essential prerequisite for companies that manufacture and use devices and components in thermoplastic and thermoset polymers. We want our clients being able to make informed and independent decisions, as only enlightened clients can fully appreciate the high quality of our work as a business and technology consultancy.
Italian Tecnology Lab offers tailor made training courses in Brescia or at the clients’ offices throughout Italy. The training content can be either general or specialised, modulating topics complexity on the didactic objectives and a class’ skill-set. All our instructors have thorough academic and industrial experience.

Standard courses

Injection moulding techniques

Looking at problems related to the injection moulding process, the design of the mould and the design of the product, with a focus on obtaining a high-quality product.

Selecting machine parameters

Setting the machine parameters according to the item to be made: the dose, alternation, cylinder temperature profiles, mould temperature, injection speed (profiles), compaction.

Optimising injection moulding

The influence of operating variables such as: injection speed, injection temperature and mould temperature. The influence of the injection point, compaction and cooling position in terms of shrinkage and distortion in the moulded items. Aesthetic defects and functional defects that are not visible, causing breakage, distortion and deformation.

Metal replacement techniques with technopolymers

Analysing the checks necessary to replace metal parts (metal replacement), including brass (brass replacement), with reinforced polymers to reduce items weight and operating costs.

Moulding for manufacturing with galvanized finish

Analysing the checks necessary to obtain the highest quality ABS products, suitable for undergoing a galvanizing chromium plating process.

CAD, CAE, FEA design techniques

Using Autodesk flow and structural simulation programs to support the design of products and moulds (computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, finished element analysis).

Design techniques and structural analysis of rubber seals

Structural analysis in the non-linear field of industrial seals: from material specifications to the analysis of contact pressures in both the short and long term.

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