ITL Italian Technology Lab is a material engineering company specialising in the research and development of polymer-based components and devices, and in professional training programmes on polymers at academic level.

ITL is a spin-off of the University of Brescia (Record ID 409). The company was formed in 2012 as an “enhancement tool” to support the field of biomedical devices. Today we are an innovative SME operating in different technologically advanced or highly competitive industries such as automotive, industrial components and home appliances.


We are a small close-knit team. We operate within the university campus, in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, located in north Brescia.

Our customers save time and increase their margins in a measurable way.

With our experience, we are ready for any situation using thermoplastic polymers and thermosetting polymers. We also know how to handle innovative materials, super polymers and technopolymers.

In fact, we work in the smart material field, that of materials which temporarily modify some of their properties or characteristics in relation to an operating environment; and with high-performance polymers, that are capable of performing particular functions such as replacing metal in devices, subject to strict requirements for durability and lightness (metal-replacement), or protecting a device against aggressive bacteria.

We establish long-term relationships


+ We collaborate with companies that produce polymer components on their own, with high sophistication at a component level.

+ We support subcontractors who participate in sub-supply chains with high standards of reliability and technical precision.

What we do in an extraordinary way


+ We codesign new objects at every stage of development.

+ We optimize the production and life costs of an existing component.

+ We solve critical issues and production defects that emerged during the use of a device (troubleshooting).

+ We provide in presence and online continuous training to Italian companies’ technical staff with catalog or tailor-made programmes, immediately applicable to production.

+ We implement innovative production processes and industrial processes, also through the commercial exploitation of patents.

We are always close to our customers, even in the most challenging times, such as during the pandemic.

Thanks to our engineers and consultants, we have moved forward to continue supporting our customers’ achievements, even during the 2020 lock down and beyond.


We innovated our procedures by introducing new tools for remote work and forms of smart working for all collaborators. We have invested in technologies and optimized our infrastructure to work as in the office even outside the office.

Cutting-edge methodology, creativity and software


To support our methodology and creativity for virtual design and simulations in the development and optimization process of a component, we have adopted the latest versions of Autodesk Moldflow Insight and Autodesk Inventor. Our most recent investment is MSC Software Marc equipped with Digimat RP module for non-linear structural analysis on plastics and rubbers.

Continuous online and face-to-face business training for our customers


We transformed our classroom training courses into online training courses via Cisco WebEx, Google Meet, Goto Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and others, which favor a higher level of confidentiality. The customer chooses the platform that best integrates into his workflow, with the option of catalog courses or tailor-made courses.

We work as a long-term partner of local, Italian and EU companies, including multinationals.

Italian Technology Lab S.r.l.